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Motorcycle Apparel

When you are thinking to buy a right motorcycle garment for you, here are the things to consider:

Safety First

A good quality clothing plays a major role in minimizing impacts that can occur during the time you hit the road first time, until the time you stop and get out of the road.

Impact prevention comes in the form of padding and protections built into a garment for your safety. While choosing your garment, make sure to check if all the contact points on your body are equipped with impact absorbent armors at knees, elbows, shoulders, hip back etc.

Resistance to Abrasion

The best resistance to abrasion is offered by the natural leathers used in motorcycle garments, which can function as your true second skin.

Abrasion resistance is mostly measured by how long something lasts before wearing through or fragmented. There are many other choices available for today’s riders such as Cordura or Kevlar, which offer pretty good abrasion resistance for clothing. However, if you are looking for the best abrasion protective garment, we recommend you to go for the leather based products only.

Construction & Fit

From construction stand point, a one piece suit offers the best protection than the equivalent jackets or pants, as the chances of separation or roll up are minimal in one piece suits.

However, whatever is your choice, a one piece suit or a two piece combination, here’s what to look for:

  • Reinforcements at Risk Zones? All good bike gear should be reinforced with double layers at impact zones such as Shoulders, Elbows, hips and knees.
  • Stitching Strength? A minimum of your acceptable stitching standard should be Double Stitching at all parts. However, if a garment is Triple Stitched, it’s the best choice ever for maximum safety concerns.
  • Fit – There are generally two types of fitments offered by most companies. A snug fit or a relaxed fit. Make sure to understand which type of fit you prefer before buying an expensive garment.
  • Air Exhaustion – Even in chilled winter, you will sweat sometimes while racing. So make sure you have vents installed at non impact areas or perforated leathers to help you with sweat free rides.
  • Waterproof – If you like to ride in wet most of the times and enjoy going out in rains, your best choice is the Cordura garments which are generally waterproof. Some kinds of leathers do offer water repellant features as well, however, they will tend to wear out quickly after a few months if used in rain.

Clothing Standards

The minimum limit of a motorcycle clothing is to have it equipped with CE approved and tested armors at risk areas and impact zones.

A mere CE stamp engraved on armors doesn’t conform to the required European Standards and can bring you the risk of serious injuries in case of a crash fall. Be sure to select a reliable clothing company, who is trusted to offer an Approved CE protection in your garment.


When you need to choose a good clothing, the importance of good gloves cannot be ruled out. Be sure to look for extra protection on the areas exposed in case of a crash,  such as palms, fingers and wrists.

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