FURIOUS GEAR, a customer focused company is engaged in a diverse range of products including Professional Race Leathers, Cordura Street Jackets, Gloves and related accessories. Furious Gear is aimed to provide high quality products and cutting edge solutions for motorcycle apparel fashion.

The continued confidence envisaged by our customers has pushed us to extend our existing products range to meet their future expectations. The company is in its highly progressive phase and expanding its infrastructure and distribution channels worldwide. With this enormous progress, Furious Gear is entering in a new era to serve increasing urge of its consumers.Our commitment to materials and design innovation are major elements in the evolution of Furious Gear product line. Engineered to be strong, light, abrasion resistant and comfortable, our products are manufactured to make motorcycling easier, more convenient and safer.


Professional Race Leathers

One of the core product lines of Furious Gear is professional series race leathers. With the meteoric growth and fame of professional track racing, the demand for quality products has significantly increased. As such games directly involve safety, the racing apparel outfits must be of ultimate highest quality and truly functional.

Furious Gear takes pride to contribute the best of professional series Leather Suits, Jackets and Pants at affordable prices. For this purpose, we are offering all types of motorcycle racing apparel produced with strength tested Leathers, Protective Seams construction throughout, CE certified armors, Advanced TPU technologies and a commitment to excellence in our line. Our team of certified and renowned experts is always ahead in providing its customers the cutting edge solutions.

Street Wear

Bringing a wide range of street leathers and textiles, Furious Gear is committed to design and offer a huge selection of street jackets based on true Function, Features and Fashion.

Our new range of leathers and textile jackets is a result of steady research and adoption of new ways to bring the trendy products, meeting all your expectations for a four-season clothing to wear. Each Furious product is designed to make you stand out & distinguished in a crowd of hundreds, making you as unique as your own bike. No matter if you have a long day touring in rain or just taking a short ride with friends in hot summer, our street jackets are there to be truly functional for all your stipulations.

Gloves / your second Skin

Realizing the importance of gloves, Furious Gear has a commitment to provide its enthusiasts with exceptional quality Gloves for all uses from Professional Racing, Street use, Touring or the Dirt bikes.

Designed to keep your choices afresh, Furious Gear is continuously developing new gloves every season and presenting enormous picks for your selection. Put a Furious Gloves on and feel the difference to Accelerate Yourself!

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