Quality Management System

Quality and ultimate customer satisfaction has always been the vital goal of the company. Sticking with the highest level of quality and unmatched services headed the company from a relatively small set up to quite moderate set up in a very short period.

Total Quality Management is the concept being introduced in the company. The management is committed to develop a TQM (Total Quality Management) culture, keeping in view the developing quality consciousness in today’s competitive world.

The company is equipped with fully functional, state of the art testing and quality assurance equipment.

Human Resource Development Program

Furious Gear believes that our people are our most valuable assets. Full professional support is provided to every employee to ensure that business goals are realized through people whose own personal aspirations are also met.

The aim of this department is to ensure that highly motivated and professionally competent people are available within the organization. By adopting progressive Human Resource Policies, the Human Resource Department seeks to maintain Furious Gear’s position as a preferred employer in the job market.

People are vital to the profitability of the Company who directly contribute to the success of the organization. Human Resource Department strives to ensure that a congenial working environment continues to be fostered so that the creative energies of staff are fully utilized, while developing their potential.

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