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Excellent customer service is the biggest ambition of all team at Furious Gear!

We understand that every aspect of our business has an impact on the customer service and if we’re going to consistently exceed customer’s expectations, we have to learn what our customer needs and wants are.

We treat everyone we meet as we wish to be treated, with integrity and respect.

All Furious Gear products are thoroughly tested and evaluated during the development phase, in order to meet and exceed all leading safety standards. If you buy a Furious Gear product from any of our worldwide partners, feel free to furnish us with your comments about what you liked in our products and what can we do to make the next range of Furious products even more better.

We welcome feedback on all our services. Even if you are unhappy with the service that we provide, let us know and we will endeavor to resolve the problem as soon as possible. Our complaint handling policy ensures we will always acknowledge receipt of your query within three working days. We will accept complaints via email, telephone, fax or in writing. We will ensure that the most satisfactory outcome is available to our customers, keeping you informed of the progress.

We believe, there is always room for improvement and we welcome it !!!!

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